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BREAKING NEWS – The Qld Housing Legislation Amendment Bill 2021 has just been passed in Parliament. Among the reforms is great news for DFV victims – the temporary provisions that were enacted in April 2020 as part of the COVID emergency response will now become permanent.

This means that DFV survivors will retain the protections that have made it simpler to leave a tenancy due to domestic and family violence. To summarise:

  • DFV victims are permitted to end leases early, or leave without penalty – with as little as seven days’ notice.
  • Restrictions apply to agents/owners for pursuing DFV victims for rent debt or damage to premises caused by the DFV perpetrator.
  • Agents and owners are bound by strict privacy and confidentiality rules.
  • Agents are restricted from listing a DFV victim on tenancy databases.
  • DFV victims are permitted to arrange certain safety modifications to a rental property without seeking permission from the owner/agent.

This is welcome news for DFV survivors and those who seek to support them to have safe and secure tenancies and rebuild their lives.