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Why we exist

We exist to build an Australia where everyone has a safe place to call home.

Whilst there are many organisations offering tremendous support to survivors of Domestic & Family Violence, we saw a need for one centralised organisation to coordinate, direct, lead and amplify these different programs to offer practical, immediate help for survivors of DFV in the rental market.

We believe the property industry can make a significant positive impact on DFV prevention. By engaging agents, property managers, and landlords through awareness and education campaigns, we can help DFV survivors to make an easier transition to safe rental housing.

SafeHome is a growing alliance of property and business professionals; community and housing service organisation; and government departments – all committed to supporting survivors of DFV through practical and immediate solutions to help them find a safe place to live and rebuild their lives.

If you would like to join the SafeHome Alliance, we’re always interested in meeting new partners who share our passion. DFV is still, tragically, a huge issue in Australia, and it’ll take all of us – a true alliance – to create change and provide more safe places to call home.