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What proof do I need to end my lease due to DFV ?

In QLD in order to end your lease due to DFV with only 7 days’ notice, you need to provide evidence. This may include a report from your doctor, caseworker, or police.

The Residential Tenancies Authority has a Pro-forma DFV REPORT that you can use and give the person signing it for you as an authorised professional.

You’re not obligated to leave this report or even copies of it or any documentation with your property manager; however, they must be able to sight it as verification. This is important for your safety so make sure you keep all copies.

The more proof you can provide to your agent, the easier it will be for them to bring the matter to the property owner and get the process started.

To see what the rules are in your state and the forms you’ll need to complete to leave a tenancy due to DFV click HERE.

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