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What can a DFV survivor do to feel more secure in their rental property?

It’s a sad fact that survivors of DFV can still be in danger of further violence even when they leave a violent home.

As a property owner or manager, you have an obligation to allow them to feel safe and secure in their new rental property so firstly you need to ensure you’ve made the property as secure as required by law. But there are also many things the tenant is permitted to do as a DFV survivor. Here are some examples that they can do (at their own cost), provided they inform the property manager:

  • Change the locks at your property, as long as you provide a set of keys to your property manager
  • Install external security cameras and other security devices
  • Install improved external lighting, including sensor lights
  • Cut back bushes and other vegetation around the house to allow a clear view of visitors

Your tenant may seek financial assistance for safety upgrades which us available from organisations like Centre Against Domestic Abuse.

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