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If my name is on the lease, can I end it early if I’m a DFV survivor?

Tenancy legislation in QLD allows survivors of Domestic and Family Violence to leave a lease with only 7 day’s notice. All you’ll need is to provide evidence of DFV with a DFV Report.

If you’re the sole tenant on the lease, you can end your agreement with 7 days’ notice yourself, if you supply this report.

If you’re a co-tenant, you can also apply to leave the tenancy with 7 days’ notice showing the same evidence. In this case, the tenancy will continue with your co-tenant taking over the lease. You can also apply to have your portion of the Bond money refunded. This should be discussed with your property manager who can facilitate this process. If your co-tenant can no longer maintain the lease on their own, that is not your concern or responsibility.

This has dramatically simplified the normal process of having your name taken off a joint lease as previously everyone on the lease had to sign paperwork – something that’s impossible when there’s DFV in the home.

To see what the rules are in your state and the forms you’ll need to complete to leave a tenancy due to DFV click HERE.

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