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I have no rental history; how can I be considered for a private rental lease?

It is challenging for anyone without a rental history to apply for a rental property – but not impossible. In fact, many agents will consider someone for a property without rental history, as long as they match other criteria such as affordability and suitability for the property.

Our advice is to be totally open and honest with the agent about why you need to move. This will explain the urgency of your application and most agents should accommodate you by fast-tracking your application. Even if you are not approved, at least you won’t waste valuable time in waiting for an answer.

The prevalence of DFV is starting to come out of the shadows, and many agents and landlords are becoming aware of the need for survivors to find a safe and permanent place to live. You may be pleasantly surprised that there are agents out there who would love to assist you – you just need to ask.

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